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Lance Johnson Studio was founded in 1942 by Lance and Angelese Johnson. They worked for the Russell Brothers Studio (1883-1942) for about 5 years and bought their studio when the Russells decided to retire. Lance and Angelese also bought the Russell's entire negative collection which consisted of about 20 to 30,000 glass plates. In 1990, their son Jim and Angelese donated the entire negative collection to the Anniston Public Library. These negatives produce the prints that are occasionally show in the Anniston Star for identification purposes. Lance passed away in 1974 at which time his son Jim took over the Studio and worked in partnership with his Mother Angelese until her death in 2003. Jim continues to operate the Studio today which begins it's 70th year in 2012. This web site is dedicated to the memory of Lance and Angelese Johnson and to Ann Johnson- Jim's special needs sister who passed away in April, 2010.
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